Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which authentication method do we use?

    We use the "Basic Authentication" method. You can reach the details here

  • Which Global Sanction Lists do you have?

    Our Global Sanctions List Data covers the most important sanctions lists including but not limited with this list:

    • • United Nations Sanctions (UN)
    • • US Consolidated Sanctions
    • • OFAC - Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)
    • • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada)
    • • Bureau of Industry and Security (US)
    • • Department of State, AECA Debarred List (US)
    • • Department of State, Nonproliferation Sanctions (US)
    • • EU Financial Sanctions
    • • UK Financial Sanctions (HMT)
    • • Australian Sanctions
    • • Consolidated Canadian Autonomous Sanctions List
    • • Consolidated Sanctions List Of The Kyrgyz Republic
    • • EEAS Consolidated List
    • • SDFM Terror List
    • • Us Cia World Leaders Pep List
    • • World Presidents Pep List
    • • CoE Assembly Pep List
    • • Every Politician Pep List
    • • Switzerland Consolidated List
    • • Capital Market Board Of Turkey Operation Banned List
    • • Interpol Wanted List
    • • Turkish Terror Wanted List
    • • Interpol Yellow Wanted List
    • • Interpol UN Wanted List

    We are adding more lists from day to day to Sanction Scanner. You can use these lists with web screen and you can also use them via our powerful API.

  • How can we integrate the APIs?

    It is super easy. You can reach our API Documentation from here, we will also provide sample libraries for integration very soon.

  • How can we reach our API Keys?

    Once you sign up to Sanction Scanner, you can find your API username and Password in your account, API User Info Page. Your credentials is belong to you, you shouldn't share it.

  • How can we find a proof for search?

    Yes. We have created a report tool for results. In result page, you can find a button in below and once you click that you can download or print results as Report. This option only avaliable in preminum or enterprise accounts. You can reach sample report from there.

  • How can we create a result report ? Is there any way for that?

    We log all searching operations that come from web or API to our database as masked. On the other hand, we have a screen for follow your search operations, you can find this screen in link.

  • Can i search unlimitedly via Free Account?

    Unfortunately. We have some limits for free and preminum accounts. You can find details from there.