Error Codes

Sanction Scanner's Error Messages
Error Code Error Description
SYS1001System Error!
BN1001Number of characters entered must not be less than 5!
BN1002No Authorized User!
BN1003No records found by entered name!
BI1003No records found by entered Id!
BP1003No records found by entered passportNo!
LB1001Record Not Found!
SO1001Users Not Found!
SO1002Please Enter Correct Scan Id!
SO1003Assign User Not Found!
SO1004Scan Not Found!
SO1005Status Not Found!
SO1006Risk Level Not Found!
SO1007Please Enter Memo!
SO1008Please Enter Reference Number!
SO1009Record Not Found!
SR1001Users Not Found!
SR1002Start date cannot be greater than end date!
SR1003The date range cannot be greater than 1 month!
RT1001Please Enter Scan Id!
RT1002Invalid ScanId!
RT1003No records found!
RT1004Please Enter Reference Number!